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I am Stephen Coyne DPAGB BPE4, a retired headteacher and freelance photographer. I have been taking travel photographs for over 30 years and have had stock images with various agencies including

The Royal Geographical Society, Alamy and Bridgeman Images.


My pictures have been published in The Times newspaper, The Royal Geographical Society Illustrated and many other books and magazines. I have had over 250 images accepted in National Photographic Exhibitions and Salons.


                                                                                             I live in Cheshire with my wife and cat, waiting to

                                                                                           set out on my next photographic expedition.

                                                                                If you wish to make contact,

                                                                            please email on:



Below is my successful panel of photos for the Distinction of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (DPAGB):


      A Study in Concentration                                        Adolescence                                      At Grandpa's

            Burmese Minx                                             Eccentric Stairway                                     Glacier Dawn

           Going Down                                            Halong Bay Scene                                        Illulisat Icebergs












       My family and me                                           Not sure about this                                        On the Dunes

    The Village Matriarch                                        Wahiba Dune                                          Young Monks










A Study in Concentration.jpg
At Grandpas.jpg
Burmese Minx.jpg
Eccentric Stairway.jpg
Glacier Dawn.jpg
Going Down.jpg
Halong Bay Scene.jpg
Illulisat Icebergs.jpg
My family and me.jpg
Not sure about this.jpg
On the Dunes.jpg
The Village Matriarch.jpg
Wahiba Dune.jpg
Young Monks.jpg

If you want to see more pictures from individual countries

on the site, please go to the albums on Flickr:

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